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Melody's Bio




Melody is a Registered Nurse in Canada and USA. She was also a Licensed Practical Nurse in BC and a pharmacist in China. She possesses her Master of Science in Nursing in Leadership, Critical care, and Nephrology nursing certificate.

  She has years of clinical experience in: Med/Surg, Pediatrics, Palliative, Hemodialysis, ICU, PACU, SDC, ER Decongestion pilot  project,Community and Chronic Disease management. She has worked in nursing education and informatics having extensive knowledge and skills on policy and curriculum development and evaluation process. She is a member of VCH Research Steering Committee .

She enjoys volunteering and serving the community. She ran for Delta school trustee position in 2018, providing nursing and educator insight on curriculum development and budget issues. She helped to preserve the five acre green space attached to Richmond Old Stevenston Secondary School for public use instead of becoming townhouses in 2014. 

She has been a volunteering at City of Delta Environmental Advisory Committee since 2017. In collaboration with her nursing colleagues and professor at Trinity western University , their team submitted a briefing to Canada House of Common on Canada Senior Service to provide nursing voices. They were invited by Canada House of Common HUMA committee to present in person in Ottawa 2017. The team's suggestion were referenced multiple times in the final report of Advancing Inclusion and Quality of Senior Life by HUMA committee. 

She is the founder of NGO Canada Chinese Nurses Association. 

  She is a new member of Royal Canadian Navy as a new recruit .


Canada Chinese Nurses Association

Melody is the founder of Canada Chinese Nurses Association. please visit website

Melody CV: Nursing Leadership Within You and Me!





· 2015-2018  Trinity Western University- Master of Science in Nursing majored in Leadership

· 2012-2013 Fraser Health Authority Educator  Certificate

· 2011-2012   American College of Surgeons National Surgery Quality Improvement  

Program (ACS NSQIP) Surgical Clinical Reviewer Certificate 

·  2007-2010 British Institute of Technology - Nephrology Nursing  


· 2006-2007 Mount Royal College- Critical Care Nursing Program 


· 2005-2008 Kwantlen Polytechnic University- Bachelor of Science in Nursing

· 2001-2004 Douglas College -General Nursing Diploma program 


Other Training and Professional Development

· 2011American College of Surgeons National Surgery Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) Surgical Clinical Reviewer Certification course. 

· 2012 Fraser Health Micro soft training

· 2012 Fraser Health Clear Leadership Program

· 2009 British Columbia Regional Critical Care database Informatics Training

· 2008 NCLEX exam-Passed RN license in Minnesota U.S.A. 

Minnesota Board of Nursing License  

· 2004 College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC licensing exam-passed.

· 1993 Guang Zhou Health School Major in Pharmacist. 


Clinical Professional Experience

2019 International Councils of Nurses Congress 2019 Oral Presentation Speaker "Strategies to Reduce Medical Waste in Home Care Setting"

2019 Nominee for British Columbia Nurses Union Vice President

2019 Vancouver Coastal Health Research Challenge Steering Committee

2018 - present Vancouver Coastal Health Richmond  Chronic Disease Management 

2013 - Present  Richmond Community Care Clinical Nurse Educator  

Ø Develops reviews and modifies learning resources for team members and clients/families;

Ø Utilizes educational/curriculum theory and knowledge 

  of specialized nursing and clinical practice to design, develop, 

2005 - Present Burnaby Hospital Intensive Care Unit/ Critical Care Database 

  Registered Nurse and Informatics 

Ø Direct Patient care and appropriate utilization of resources necessary to obtain valid, reliable data for entry into the Critical Care data program.

2011 - 2013  Fraser Health NSQIP Surgical Clinical Reviewer 

Ø Identifies streamlining and process improvement opportunities in the data collection process;

Ø  Applies the methodology and the reliability of definitions utilized by the reviewers within the program; 

Ø Utilizes software application for data collection and analysis.

2005 - 2011  Richmond Hospital Medical Surgical Units, Pediatric,  PACU, ER, ICU

Registered Nurse

Ø Direct patient care and provide leadership and clinical resource support for junior staff members.

2004  Burnaby Hospital Medical Float  and palliative LPN

2004 Richmond Fraserview Lodge LPN

Leadership Experience

· NSQIP Program:   provides feedback of American College of Surgeon National Surgical Quality Improvement Program data to relevant stakeholders e.g. Mortality and Modality, Quality Management, and administration; post surgery complication rate, bed utility rate etc.

With working with multi-disciplinary team members, creates strategies and promote the best practices to improve quality of care.

· Richmond Home Infusion Program Clinical Nurse Educator:

Utilizes educational/curriculum theory and knowledge of specialized nursing and clinical practice to design, develop, implement and evaluate clinical education program.

Volunteer Experience


 -Sponsor for UBC Division of Palliative Care &Victoria Hospice Society 

Palliative Care:“ Better Together” UBC Division CME Day

-Nomitee for British Columbia Nurses Union Vice President Candidate

-Guest Speaker  "Palliative Care in BC" Education session for the delegation of  Oncologist from HeNan  Province China 


founded NGO Canada Chinese Nurses Association to promote Chinese nurses' leadership.

Volunteer Medical Nursing aid trip to China 


Ø Facilitating Chinese and Canadian Health Care Profession Exchange 

Activities: such as online discussion, TWU exchange program


Ø Collaboration with TWU MsN students and professor, Submission of a Briefing 

  to House of Common National Senior Care Strategies Report

2015- Present: 

Ø Delta Adopt A Street Program 

Ø Donation to SPCA and Delta Animal Shelter fundraising event.

Ø City of Delta Environmental Advisory Committee 

Ø Donation to sponsor a child World –Vision. 

2013- 2014:  

Ø Coordinator Steel Court Resident Save Park Action Team to lobby of preservation of a 5 acre green space at the old Steveston High school site in Richmond for public use. please see page 65 to 67 the link below for email correspondence with the City of Richmond.



教育背景 工作经历

2015-2018 医疗管理领导力护理硕士学位  加拿大西三一大学 

2012-2013 临床医疗教师资格证  加拿大英属哥伦比亚省菲沙卫生局专业 

2011-2012 临床外科手术质量改善项目

医疗信息管理证书  美国外科医师学会 

2009-2010 重症监护医疗信息管理证书 加拿大英属哥伦比亚省菲沙卫生局重症监护医疗情资信息处  

2007-2010 肾病学及移植专科护理证书 加拿大英属哥伦比亚理工学院 

2008 美国密尼苏达州注册护士证 美国NCLEX 执业护士考试 

2006-2007 重症监护专科护理证书 加拿大皇家山大学 

2005-2008  全科 护理专业学士学位   加拿大昆岚大学 

2001-2004 全科 护理专业大专 加拿大道格拉斯学院 

  2004 加拿大英属哥伦比亚LPN实践护士执照


2018-现在        加拿大列志文海岸卫生局慢性病管理部 护理讲师

2013-  现在      加拿大列志文市医院社区抗生素静疗护理主管及护理讲师  

2005 - 现在      加拿大本拿比市及列医院重症监护室医疗信息及质量管理护士 

2011-2013         加拿大英属哥伦比亚省菲沙卫生局外科医疗质量 ( 美国外科医师协会 外科手术质量改善项目)    特训 医疗信息及质量监控员

2008-2009             加拿大苏里纪念医院血液透析科临床护士 

2005-2011             加拿大列志文市医院临床护士及主管护士: 内外科儿科住院部, PACU, 急诊,重症监护室 

2004                         加拿大本拿比市医院内科,临终关怀科  LPN

2004                          列志文Fraserview Lodge 老人院 




-BC 省护士工会提名竞选工会副主席职位


-国际护理理事会2019全球大会演讲主题" 减少医源性废物产生的策略"

-赞助UBC 临终护理医务人员进修课程









-担任North Delta 市 Sunshine hill社区公园设备捐赠活动发起及组织者


2017 参与西三一大学护理系团队撰写加拿大老年服务计划白皮书护理建议提交给加拿大国会

HUMA 委员会。同年团队被委员会邀请去国会进行建议陈述。

2017 协助西三一大学护理部接待省人民医院护理部代表团

2017 协助西三一大学国际交流部联系参观当地医院及大学科研中心及安排医科大学附属医院医护代表团与当地知名医护人员交流

2017 参加中国驻温哥华领事任期届满欢送会

2017 担任加拿大英属哥伦比亚省Delta市环保委员会市民监督职位

2015-现在 救助流浪宠物捐赠医药费及协助寻找收养家庭

2014 拯救列志文旧斯帝文思高中5公亩绿地避免变成房屋运动义务社区协调员。绿地最后成功永久保留给社区使用。 page 65-68 


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Richmond, British Columbia, Canada